Rising Brazilian singer Fabriccio who is featured on our special Brazilian music playlist, Bossa Lova tells us more about his creative process, his relationship to music and what he’s been listening to lately.  He’s definetely an artist to watch, check this out ! 

How would you define your music?

In my point of view, my sound is my attempt to materialize in music everything that got me emotional and changed the way I think (in this life or in others). Also it taught me to have this desire of awake this type of feeling in people. I am still trying to understand why. Everything I know is that it makes me feel good and I can’t stop.

What were your music inspirations growing up?

During my childhood I used to attend an evangelical church with my mother. There was my first contact with the instruments. I was very young and despite the lack of encouragement from the church, somehow I saw my life was already this. I was just talking about it, going out to hear all kinds of music that were available. After that I was very influenced by the American punk / hardcore scene. It was very strong at the time in Brazil. At the same time I was listening a lot of national rap music and getting to understand how transforming was that experience.

Daily surprises when researching sounds and listening to DJs playing Brazilian music, realizing the size of the musical universe that exists in this territory of continental proportions that we call Brazil, connecting with the whole diaspora that made history in world music. I believe that I own to this curiosity and receptivity the different styles that helped me give ambience to my lyrics. The themes comes from my first contacts with DJ’s sets, samples and all this culture of hip hop. “Jungle” for example influences a little the name and concept of my first album. This way of mixing, handling, cutting classic tracks and transforming into something new blew my mind. I already played band instruments and I felt invited to at least study this universe as a listener.

Between coronavirus and the fight against racism and police brutality, 2020 is one hell of a year. As an artist, how do you feel about the current situation?

Without a doubt it is a scary environment which we are here in Brazil and the pandemic has multiplied the problems. I certainly feel the shock that is the situation. But I feel that the music regenerates me as a human being in a way that maybe I still don’t have word enough to explain. It just moves me to do more and more, even though it’s very difficult due to the mental fragility imposed by the moment.

I feel like from my writing to the notes and instruments I choose, I am always trying to improve as a musician, human being and listener to let all this ancestral information flow, do what I have to do, reach out to those who have to arrive. And I still have the privilege of acting through music, writing…

“I make music hoping that through that more people remember, even if it only lasts for the time of the music, that the seed can grow and succeed.”


I feel like a king, but the world is very hostile and deceitful to people like me. Sometimes it can make us forget who we are and feel nothing about that. I keep trying not to forget. I make music hoping that through that more people remember, even if it only lasts for the time of the music, that the seed can grow and succeed.

You are featured on Isadora’s new single “Melhor versão de mim”, what’s the story behind this collaboration?

I loved the invitation! I really liked the musical production made by Josefe, the melodies and lines of Isadora, I was flattered. It is always a pleasure to add my contemporaneous work. The musical universe dialogues very well.

The concept of this song is basically to miss someone (saudade in Portuguese). It combines a lot with this moment of self-quarantine, social distancing in relation to encounters and affection. The video and the recording were done at a distance which has also been a new experience that the quarantine has brought to us.

Can you tell us more about the creative process of your upcoming project ‘Blues’ and what can we expect from it?

In this song I tried to create a song environment that reminds me a lot of the Brazilian songs I love the most, like Jorge Ben’s songs. They had a very traditional band format with only few notes (drums, bass, guitar and very discreet samples).

It was produced by me (voices and instruments) at home and also talks about missing geographically and about the beach. It was written for someone who also lives near the beach. The lyrics collect memories between these two pieces of sand.

What have you been listening to lately?

A lot of things! (laughs). I have been revisiting a lot my favorite band which is Funkadelic (and the library is wide) as well as several artists from the same school, Curtis Mayfield, Sky and the Family Stone. A lot of Grime, Jungle, D&B. Shout out to Sir Spyro (my favorite Grime instrumentals). And to Abduzidub, dubstep from Brazil.