Discovering afro house was one of our greatest late music discoveries. Getting a mix of african traditional sounds and deep house and tech basslines on the same track, what else could we ask for? Our afro house playlist, House of Africa is an invitation to travel across ancestral and futuristic sound, an invitation to dance, an invitation to celebrate Black music diversity and creativity. Let the party begin! 


1. Rainha Makeda  Batuk

2. Tropic City – Simbad Suite – Gina Jeanz, Mumbi Kasumba

3.  Traveling – Big Room Mix – Quentin Harris, Cordell McClary

4. Thunder in the Jungle – Part 1 – Sunlightsquare

5. Gatluak – Hyenah Dub Nyaruach, Hyenah

6. Kuar – FNX Omar Remix Emmanuel Jal, FNX Omar

7. Vusindlu  Frigid Armadillo

8. Umbovukazi –  Da Capo

9. Warrior Mbube – G-Washington, Miriam Makeba

10. Rambo – Culoe De Song


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