Wanna know what’s best than Netflix and Chill? Kola and Chill! Take a break, slow down and enjoy our curated Kola and Chill playlist that mixes alternative rnb, neo soul, downtempo hip hop and everything in between. Little Simz, Children of Zeus, Cold Callers, Sudan Archives, Jhené Aiko and more are gathered on this selection. Get ready to chill…


1. Big Dreams Empty Pockets  Bellah, Alexander Lewis

2. IGI IYE (Tree of Life) – Winzday Love

3.  Free Mind – Tems

4. Sailor Moon – LAYA

5. In My PJ’s Zilo, Austin Marc

6. Got My Back – RIMON, Denzel Curry

7. Imagine  NEONE the Wonderer, Paal Singh

8. Think About It –  Hunnah

9. Probably Never – Maxwell Owin, Xenia Manasseh, Joe Armon-Jones

10. My Affection Summer Walker PARTYNEXTDOOR


Whether you need to relax, do deep work, gather some friends for a cool afterparty, Kola and Chill is the perfect soundtrack for your chillest moment. You just have to choose your team.


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