YOLO is the feel good playlist you need to go to when you feel low and need some cheering up. But it is also the playlist you want to listen to when feeling fly and wanting to let everybody know about it. So basically, you can listen to it anytime!

You’ll find a mix of pop, dance, post-punk and everything in between with artists such as Aluna, Charlotte Adigéry, Rejjie Snow and Saint Bodhi.

What’s the program, you may ask. Well, we’ll start by making new friends with Lil Halima, loving our life with Darkness and Meron T, keeping faith in love with Sneaks and being as honest as Kiddy Smile, among other things.

Get ready, make some space to dance, choose your team and enjoy!

Need some more cheering up? We have your back with some our favorite weapon, music as usual! Forget everything and have fun listening to our playlist, Smile, Dance, Love. You can also get some good and chill summer vibes with KOLA SUMMER 2020 or 2018 and keep going back in time with our 1980s special playlist.


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